Friday, January 14, 2011

Werewolf Pre-School Sighting

I find Pre-Schools sometimes end up on the receiving end of awesome retro clobber. I've worked at one long enough to see the nature of the beast.

My latest find has been The Werewolf from the 1989 RGB Monsters assortment.

I spotted this wee beastie after it had been set aside and out of sight from the children. I was allowed to take this lucky lycan away and give it new dwellings.

I find this figure has aged pretty well. A basic colour palette but a decent scheme all the same and great mould detail. This toy is what it is, with no need for silver bullets, bones or accessories in general. It's a werewolf that does'nt look exclusive to the Ghostbusters line and looks good as a general baddie amongst other collections.

The main gimmick on this Werewolf is the head howling movement which can be activated by moving the arms aside. As I've said before, it needs no other additions except for being the way it looks, ripped clothes and all.

The only downside is a missing tail...

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